Multiworks Services | Cranbourne Zone Substation
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About This Project

Contract Sum: $2.6M        Client: SP AusNet        Consultants: BECCA



In June 2011 Multiworks Services was awarded the contract for the construction of the new Cranbourne Zone Substation. Multiworks Services successfully completed 95% of works two months ahead of schedule, including 45 days lost due to wet weather. The entire project, lasting over 8 months, had no contractor initiated variations or lost time injuries. The scope of works included:


  • Construct new heavy-duty access roads capable of carrying the load of the new transformers.
  • Bench new substation site with 22,000m3 of fill and compact to 98%.
  • Construct over 400m3 of reinforced concrete foundations for new primary plant and buildings.
  • Install conduits
  • Install environmental run-off tank and bund walls to radiator foundation.
  • Install new septic tank.
  • Construct and install asphalt roadway, kerbing and bollards.