Multiworks Services | James Hardie Site Redevelopment
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About This Project

Contract Sum: $4m        Client: Cawley Road       Consultants: Dalton Consulting Engineers, B Safe Consultant, U.R.S Environmental 



Multiworks undertook construction of the cap and access road above a disused quarry that had been filled with inert waste. The conversion of the site into a container park required special care in not disturbing the underlying contamination during the capping process. During the construction of the access road and drainage, detailed safety procedures were developed to allow for limited intrusion into the side of the contaminated fill zone. Working closely with surrounding tenants and site hygienist, Multiworks successfully completed the following works: 

  • Installation of approximately 20,000m2 of geo textile fabric.
  • The importation and compaction of approximately 150,000 tonnes of engineered fill.
  • Construction of 3,500m2 of reinforced concrete road pavement.
  • Spreading and compacting of 10,000 tonne of recycled concrete hardstand.
  • Drainage, electrical and landscaping works.