Multiworks Services | Richmond Terminal Station
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About This Project

Contract Sum: $10m+        Client: SP AusNet        Consultants: BECCA



Stage 0 – Multiworks Services was appointed the preferred contractor to begin construction works at Richmond Terminal Station beginning with the installation and set up of the B6 Transformer enclosure included in part of stage 0 for the upgrade.

The project is inherently complex with a strong emphasis on design, the B6 transformer’s enclosure has a strict and defined construction methodology that the Multiworks team has adhered to. Some of the construction activities involved in stage 0 involved:

  • Steel sheet piles acting as a retaining wall of 5.5 meter in height and a total wall length of 76 lineal meters.
  • In situ retaining walls 9 meter long, 5.5 meter in height.
  • Precast fire walls 8.5 meter in height
  • 2 Structural steel stairs.
  • Concrete slab supporting the transformer weight, roughly 270 tonnes.
  • Environmental and storm water drainage.
  • Oil containment tank size 16 (L) x 6 (W) x 3.3 (H)

Stage 1

Multiworks Services was fortunate to be continuing works at Richmond Terminal Station and be involved in the construction of a retaining wall as well as an oil containment tank, all part of stage 1 of the project. The most part of the works included the following:

  • Construct a total of 66 piles, consisting of both CFA piles and Bored Piers to a depth of 9m below EGL. These piles are to be constructed within the confines of existing underground services and overhead power cables.
  • Carry out all earthworks in preparation of piles
  • Steel columns are to be cast 3m into the piles and to a maximum height of 2.4m above ground.
  • Pre-cast concrete panels are to be inserted between the steel beams to form the retaining wall.
  • 2 Monopoles are to be installed. This involves piling to a depth of up to 22m, and constructing 2 pile caps. One of these monopoles is situated within the existing 220 Switchyard, and therefore is in the confines of both overhead and underground services. Both monopoles exceeded a height of up to 40 meters above ground level

Currently Multiworks Services is still involved in the rebuild process of Richmond Terminal Station involving the construction of a 22kV Switch Room and Reactor Enclosures.