Multiworks Services | South Morang Zone Substation
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About This Project

Contract Sum: $1m       Client: SP-Ausnet        Consultants: Schiavello Project Solutions



Multiworks was engaged by SP-Ausnet to undertake the design and construction of an architectural fence and landscaping works to screen the South Morang Zone Substation.

Through consultation with SP-Ausnet and the City of Whittlesea Council, an aesthetically pleasing architectural fence was developed that incorporated the colours of each company’s logo.

A combination of slender steel frames and precast concrete panels was planned to hold a colourful plastic façade that would make the architectural fence.

Prior to construction, a thorough assessment of onsite conditions and existing services was undertaken. Careful consideration had to be made for the foundation layout design to ensure safe approach distances to the surrounding 22kV feeder cables were maintained.

The foundations for the architectural elements included 28 pad footings and over 155 lineal metres of strip footings for the steel frames and precast concrete panels respectively.

The decorative cladding material covering the steel frames and precast panels was made from 20mm thick sheets of recycled high-density polyethylene. These sheets were fixed to the structure in over 4000 locations – each with a custom made HDPE cap that covers the fixing.

The landscaping works provided equally unique challenges. The planting focused on Australian native species, removing aggressive foreign species and respecting the three magnificent heritage listed river red gum trees and the habitat they provide.

With over 3,500 new plants, carefully placed rock works and a sensational architectural fence, the needs of community and client were successfully met on time and with a perfect safety record.