Minimising the environmental impacts of our activities

Multiworks is committed to delivering successful projects and services in an environmentally responsible manner. We acknowledge our corporate and social responsibility in the fight against climate change and ensure our operations have the lowest possible environmental cost.

This commitment extends to the responsible purchasing and use of materials, substances and equipment. Multiworks prioritises solutions that are environmentally friendly and which minimise environmental impacts and pollution.

Our environmental management strategy is focused on several key areas, the most crucial being the way we control the potential release of contaminants into the natural environment during project delivery. While minimising our carbon output is a key priority we are also cognisant that the disposal of contaminated material and construction waste are major contributors to our environmental footprint.

Multiworks minimises its environmental impact by:

  • Continually improving the environmental management systems that mitigate our direct environmental impacts, reduce our use of natural resources and prevent pollution during the project lifecycle
  • Integrating environmental considerations into business decisions in line with our commitment to be environmentally sustainable
  • Setting targets on key aspects of our environmental performance and reviewing them periodically. We will communicate proactively and openly about our environmental commitments and performance
  • Reducing our own carbon footprint by minimising and offsetting carbon emissions.