Our company has developed a new technique for constructing footings within deep excavations. Traditionally the excavation area is large, to allow for formwork to safely be completed for the footing. Our new method uses in-situ concrete blinding as formwork. 

Traditional deep excavation controls implemented are safe, however together with the many site factors, work environment constraints along with construction method, holistically, the deep excavation can turn unsafe, quickly.

Multiworks Operations Manager with 40+ years of hands on experience in deep excavations, evaluated the construction methodology for a Monopole Footing to be undertaken within an electrical terminal station.

The work environment: workspace enclosed by adjacent structures with over-head electrical services, underground electrical, sewer and water services, asbestos contaminated soil.

Through assessing the construction methodology and the risks associated with the footing to be constructed, the control measure was identified.

Using concrete in-situ blinding as formwork, eliminates and substantially reduces several of the risks/ hazards whilst constructing a deep footing within the work environment.

This technique:

  • Reduces the risk of striking underground services
  • Eliminates working in danger zones
  • Eliminates working within restricted spaces
  • Eliminates excavation collapse - due to weather.
  • Reduced risk of fatigue/ manual handling injuries
  • Excessive excavations- disposal/ exposure to hazardous contaminated soil
  • Cleaner and slip/trip/ fall free site
  • Reduced height for working at heights
  • Reduced time spent from working off ladders
  • Provides a flat, stable platform
  • Reduced formwork blowout
  • Eliminate the need for heavy lifting above shoulders

Multiworks have implemented this new technique of constructing footings within deep excavations on several projects within varying work environments, in particularly when excavation space is limited.