Real. Everyday. Dangers.

Multiworks REAL. EVERYDAY. DANGERS is an initiative focused on empowering our people to control the hazards that pose them the greatest risk at work.

Following a consultation period, Multiworks has developed a suite of educational material highlighting the hazards and best practice controls around each of our critical risks.

The material forms a major part of our safety strategy and will be delivered in the following ways:

The R.E.Ds will be animated and turned into 10 x A3 posters for distribution to sites. Each poster will cover the hazards and controls associated with the R.E.D

The R.E.Ds will be incorporated into the Multiworks employee induction and the entire business will be reinducted. The induction will incorporate a detailed explanation and education for each R.E.D, and include a comprehension test.

  • The R.E.Ds will be incorporated into the Multiworks subcontractor induction.
  • Each R.E.D will be progressively toolboxed each month over the course of the next 10 months.
  • A launch event will be held to introduce R.E.Ds to the business and our clients. Each R.E.D will be championed by a Multiworks supervisor who will deliver the content at the launch event.
  • The process of identifying specific R.E.Ds in our daily environment will be incorporated into our JSEA and Take 5 tools.

The overarching aim is to have our people focus their planning on managing the hazards that pose them the greatest risk. By focusing on these ten risks we can simplify our messaging, create consistency in controls on every site and empower new and old employees alike to speak up if they see something dangerous.