The 132/66kV substation at Orange was originally constructed in 1950 as a 66/11kV switchyard, with the 132kV switchyard added in 1955. Partial refurbishment works were executed at the 66kV switchyard before it was rebuilt in 1969.

The Orange Zone Substation supplies the township of Orange and its surrounding areas via a 66kV network emanating from the substation. It is a key interconnection point in the western 132kV network and is the point of supply to Cadia mine.

Transgrid’s staged construction works at the Orange Zone Substation involved replacement of the 66kV Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) with 66kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).

Multiworks was engaged through Beon Energy to undertake all civil works including new foundations, conduits and drainage within the existing substation. The work was staged over two years and required multiple mobilisations.


Orange, NSW


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