Multiworks Services | The Environment
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The Environment

Environmental Sustainability

Our approach

Multiworks Services acknowledges that its activities can have a significant impact on the Environment and is committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, these impacts are eliminated or minimised.

Focusing on the protection of environment, Multiworks Services commits itself to:

  • Complying with all current Australian environmental legislation and related regulatory requirements
  • Having a continued focus on the improvement of our environmental performance
  • Working responsibly with local communities, councils and sub-contractors to minimize any potential environmental risks.

The targets of the Environmental Policy are:

  • The prevention of pollution through the use of responsible construction methods and technologies.
  • The minimisation of waste through recycling, reuse and control of generated waste where possible.
  • The minimisation of noise, vibrations and other nuisances during the planning phase, in order to decrease the impacts on local communities, traffic and protected areas concerned with each particular site.
  • The proper management of raw materials for the construction of projects and the wise use of the natural resources in general, such as energy and water.
  • The reinforcement of the environmental awareness of the employees, through continued informing and training.