Over the past 20 years, Multiworks have completed more than $400M in electrical, civil infrastructure projects, making us one of the largest specialist providers of its type in Australia.

Having completed projects at over 90 individual terminal and zone substations, Multiworks has worked as a delivery partner with many Australia’s largest power asset owners.  Our skilled people, specialist plant and systems are aligned with those of our clients when working in high voltage and high-risk environments.

Brownfield Construction

Specialising in the upgrade and replacement of infrastructure within brownfield environments, Multiworks provide a systematic and methodical approach to our projects, providing our clients with the confidence to know their network will remain operational and uninterrupted.

Our staff hold the necessary authorisations and training, allowing unsupervised entry and access to work within HV sites for a number of our clients.

Multiworks has built a reputation as a reliable and competent project delivery partner that will go above and beyond to ensure projects are completed on-time and without disruption to the electrical network.

Greenfield Construction

Multiworks is an award-winning civil construction contractor that has established itself as an innovative, reliable and quality-driven delivery partner to some of Australia’s largest corporations and asset owners.

Leveraging our experience within brownfield environments, Multiworks offers a cost-driven and time-efficient solution to the construction of new electrical infrastructure. Whether it be inner-city or remote sites, Multiworks have dedicated teams ready to mobilise and deliver anywhere across the country.

Multiworks extensive fleet of plant and equipment ensures total control over critical resources and ensures that the right tools are available for the task.

Our Capability

  • Switchyard footings & foundations
  • Cable trenching (in-situ & precast)
  • LV & HV conduits
  • Transformer bunds & enclosures
  • In-situ & precast firewalls
  • Stormwater drainage systems
  • Single and multi-level control and switchroom buildings
  • Underground cable basements
  • In-situ under and above ground oil containment tanks
  • Switchyard Resurfacing
  • Earthworks & Benching
  • Oil containment systems
  • Retaining walls & retention systems
  • Roadways & concrete rollover bunds
  • Steel structures & gantry supply, repair and installation
  • Switchyard & transformer bay demolition
  • Asbestos & contaminated material handling and disposal
  • Building repairs and maintenance including asbestos door replacement
  • Roof replacement (over live equipment)
  • Security fencing, electrified and monitored
  • Pipe relining
  • Cable pulling